6 Ways to Get Organized for Your Next Move

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If there’s one thing I wish I would have done in all my years of moving from one apartment to another, it would be to start organizing and packing early. I can’t tell you how many times I have stayed up extremely late into the night trying to sort through all my stuff and get it packed into boxes (or random bags because I didn’t get enough boxes..oops). Here are six different ways you can get organized for your next move so you can have a stress-free experience!

    1. Start collecting boxes. I’ve always chosen to use free boxes that can just be recycled after I’m done using them rather than buying large totes. They definitely add up, and in my tiny apartments I’ve lived in there is no space to store those huge things! I’ve always gotten boxes from my dad’s work for free, but you can also check craigslist and local grocery stores for boxes they’re going to get rid of anyway!
    2. Start packing early! Like I said in the beginning, don’t make my mistake of thinking you can pack up your whole life in three days! Even moving from small apartments this is nearly impossible and so so stressful! Start by packing things you don’t use much, like books, DVDs, out of season clothes, decor, etc. Stack those boxes out of sight or in a corner so they’re not constantly in your way while you’re still living in your place!
    3. Label your boxes. This is SO important for so many reasons – at least write on your boxes which room the items belong in. This way you know which room to set the boxes down and gradually unpack from there. I did not do this in the past, and when I needed to find something that I hadn’t unpacked yet it was quite the task trying to track down that item! To this day I’m still looking for a swimsuit top I bought right before I moved from Iowa to Minnesota.
    4. Donate things you don’t need/use anymore. This is something that you could have been putting off for a while, but now is the perfect time! It’s a great idea to go through some old clothes you don’t wear anymore and donate them to Goodwill before you move – less to pack! If you’re like me and you hoard all those free beauty product samples, or bottles that aren’t quite gone..you can go through all that stuff and toss out the old or give away what you don’t use anymore before or as you pack.
    5. Start deep cleaning early. Just like packing your belongings, this is something you should also be doing gradually. If you save it all for the last day or two, you won’t have the time to do as much of a deep clean as you need to. Sadly I’ve missed out on getting all my money back from my deposit because I didn’t have time to deep clean my kitchen and bathroom. This takes longer than you would think – wiping all your cabinets/shelves down, cleaning your fridge, mopping, etc.. obviously some of these things you can’t do until all your stuff is packed up, but there are still a lot of things you can clean before the last day!
    6. Hire professional help. Once you’ve done all these steps and it’s finally time to move, it’s time to load up and get to your new place! Some things you can do yourself, but some things you should just leave to the professionals.. moving is one of these things! I have learned this in the past that it’s just too stressful to do this all yourself and will never attempt this again! Let the professionals handle it! If you’re around the California area, Big Deahl’s Movers can help you relocate to your new home and save you a lot of stress in the meantime! These long distance movers near Rancho Cucamonga offer very competitive prices, and you can even request a free quote for your move! Whether you need their moving services to move all your stuff or you just need some extra help with the labor and unpacking, they’re ready to serve you. They have locations all over the state and over 15 years of experience!

I hope these tips help you prepare for your next move, whether it’s big or small. I will definitely follow my own advice for the next time we move to avoid all the stress from procrastination! I wish you luck on your next move!

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